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Mars Area School District

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Wellness Committee

As per Mars Area School District Policy 246 School Wellness, the District has established a Wellness Committee comprised of School Board members, District administrators, District food service representatives, students, parents/guardians, school health professionals, physical education teachers and community members.
The Wellness Committee serves as an advisory committee regarding student health issues and is responsible for developing, implementing and periodically reviewing and updating the School Wellness policy. In addition, the Wellness Committee reviews and considers evidence-based strategies and techniques in establishing goals for nutrition education and promotion, physical activity and other school based activities that promote student wellness.
Wellness Policy
Mars Area School District Policy 246 School Wellness is available online at or by clicking on the following:
Policy Assessment
Mars Area School District Wellness Committee will conduct an assessment of District Policy 246 School Wellness every three years.
The following are the most recent Wellness Policy Assessment Reports.