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Mars Area School District

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Medical/Dental Examinations

School-age children present a critical period of growth and development. Therefore, the Pennsylvania  School Health Law requires physical and dental examinations for all children entering school for the first time and at specific grade levels. You may have these examinations done by your family physician and/or dentist. Medical and dental examinations as required by the School Health Code of Pennsylvania are as follows:

  • Physical Exam - All students in Kindergarten, Sixth Grade and 11th Grade
  • Dental Exam - All students in Kindergarten, Third Grade and Seventh Grade
  • Scoliosis Exam - All students in Sixth through Seventh Grades (Scoliosis is a back examination to determine straightness.)

The state Department of Health prefers and encourages parents to use their family physician or dentist whenever possible as a means of promoting regular contacts between your child and his/her doctor. The following forms are provided for completion by your family doctor or dentist:

If the above forms are not returned to the School Nurse at your child's school building before Sept. 30 of the corresponding school year, your child will automatically be scheduled for the appropriate exam by the school. You will be advised in advance as to the date of the exam.