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Mars Area School District

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Social Media

Mars Area School District often communicates new and announcements via its social media resources — Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The use of District social media accounts in governed by District Policy 815.1 Social Media.
To access the District social media resources click on the appropriate link below,
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The following types of content are prohibited on District social media and shall be removed immediately upon discovery. In addition:
  1. Comments must be related to the original District post
  2. Personal attacks
  3. Lewd, vulgar, or obscene posts
  4. Discriminatory or harassing comments
  5. Posts promoting violence or illegal conduct
  6. Derogatory language or demeaning statements about or threats to any third party
  7. Inappropriate or incriminating images depicting sexual harassment, vandalism, stalking, drinking, drug use, criminal activity, or other inappropriate behavior
  8. Inappropriate language
  9. Content that violates state or federal law
  10. Partisan political activity
  11. Online gambling
  12. Information that is obscene or untrue
  13. Obscene image(s) or content
  14. Content that harasses third parties
  15. Postings that offer goods or services for personal financial profit
  16. Personal communications or social relationships unrelated to District business
  17. Material protected by copyright
Individual comments or posts that violate the above guidelines may be deleted (if possible, given the social media platform) without further notice. Posts may not be deleted simply because they are critical of the District, or because they promote an unpopular opinion, if the post otherwise complies with the above guidelines. District Social Media Account operators may not block users from accessing the District’s social media posts.

Photos, Videos, & Livestreams of Students
District Social Media Account operators may post photographs, videos, and livestreams of students engaged in the educational process or at school-related events, unless the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) have opted the student out of FERPA’s directory information sharing, or if parents have declined to sign the District’s release form.