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Mars Area School District

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Assistive Volunteers

Assistive Volunteers are defined as those who:

  1. Work directly under the supervision and direction of a District employee; and
  2. DO NOT have routine interaction with students.


  • Individuals who help to plan or conduct classroom celebrations 
  • Parents/guardians attending book fairs or holiday stores
  • Parents/guardians serving as guest readers/presenters in a classroom


All prospective Assistive Volunteers must:

  1. Submit to an annual scan of their driver’s license to verify that they are not listed on the National Sex Offender Registry; and
  2. Complete a Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers as required by the Child Protective Services Law.

Note: In February 2019, Mars Area School District implemented the Raptor Visitor Management System, which requires that all visitors submit to a scan of their driver’s license upon entering a District building. Therefore, prospective assistive volunteers are no longer required to obtain a license scan in advance of the date of volunteering. However, assistive volunteers must complete the required disclosure statement form and may do so at the time of their initial license scan.

The disclosure statement and driver’s license scans for Assistive Volunteers are only valid during the school year in which approval is granted and must be renewed annually.

Approved Assistive Volunteers
All approved Assistive Volunteers will be placed on an “Approved Assistive Volunteers List” that will be updated and provided to the Building Principals at the end of the day every Friday during the school year. Approved Assistive Volunteers are only permitted to perform the duties of their position as outlined in District Policy 916 Volunteers or as prescribed by the Building Principal.