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Mars Area School District

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In accordance with Mars Area School District Policy 707 Community Use of School Facilities, the following are strictly prohibited at any time in a school building and on any property, buses, vans and vehicles that are owned, leased or controlled by the School District. 

Tobacco — includes a lighted or unlighted cigarette, cigar, pipe or other smoking product or material and smokeless tobacco in any form, as well as look-alike items/devices including, but not limited to, electronic cigarettes and vapor pipes.

Controlled Substances — include, but are not limited to, those prohibited by federal and state laws; look-alike drugs; alcoholic beverages, anabolic steroids; drug paraphernalia; any volatile solvents or inhalants, such as but not limited to glue and aerosol products; substances that when ingested cause a physiological effect that is similar to the effect of a controlled substance as defined by state or federal laws; and prescription or non-prescription (over-the-counter)

Weapons — include, but are not limited to, any knife; straight razor; cutting instrument; cutting tool; nunchaku (nun-chuck stick); brass or metal knuckles; firearm; shotgun; rifle; pellet gun; BB gun; look-alike gun; taser/stun gun; chemical agent such as mace; explosives; noxious, irritating or poisonous gases; poisons; replica of a weapon and/or any other tool, instrument or implement capable of inflicting serious bodily injury. The term includes any object purported by the possessor to be a weapon.

Any and all fund-raising activities taking place in a school building or on school property may not incorporate tobacco products, controlled substances (including alcohol), and/or weapons, as defined above, in any raffles or prize drawings associated with the activity.

Additional Restrictions 

  • No organization/group/individual will be permitted to use school facilities if the use interferes with official school programs or activities. The Use of Facilities Coordinator may cancel any permits for use of school facilities in the event that such use conflicts with official school programs or activities. In the event of such a cancellation, the Use of Facilities Coordinator will provide as much advance notification as possible and offer alternative sites or dates.

  • No food or beverages shall be served in indoor areas other than cafeterias and all-purpose rooms unless specified by Building Principal.

  • Gambling, games of chance, lotteries, raffles or other activities requiring a license under the Local Option Small Games of Chance Act shall be prohibited, unless such activity has been expressly authorized by the Board or administration.

  • Sneakers or gym shoes must be worn while playing or coaching in gyms or all-purpose rooms.

  • Parking is restricted to paved areas and areas approved for overflow. Overflow areas shall be used only when paved areas are full.

  • School equipment shall not be used unless previous arrangements have been made and appear on the application.

  • Groups are restricted to the areas specifically requested.

  • No equipment shall be stored in the buildings on a regular basis between uses. Temporary storage may be provided by the responsible principal if space is available and prior written authorization is obtained with the application.

  • The District has the right to cancel use of fields and facilities due to weather conditions.

  • Groups that cancel less than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the reserved date/time may still incur a charge for custodial time.

  • Applicants are prohibited from requesting use of facilities on behalf of another organization. The applicant may not request use of facilities with the intention of allowing another organization to use the facilities, independently or simultaneously.

  • Any school-related organization, group or individual, including school-sponsored activities and sports teams, that are associated with an approved School-Affiliated Organization, must apply for Use of Facilities through that approved School-Affiliated Organization. Any school-related organization, group or individual that is not associated with an approved School-Affiliated Organization must first obtain approval from the Building Principal, before completing a Use of Facilities request.