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Rental Fees

All rental fees are established by Mars Area School Board. The fee schedule is periodically reviewed and adjusted to realistically reflect the cost of operation. The fee schedule is detailed in District Policy 707 Community Use of School Facilities.

The following rental fees structure is effective until changed by Board action:

  • Class A - Public schools of the District.
  • Class B - School-Affiliated Organizations, including Board-recognized booster groups, PTO, and Mars Planet Foundation. The primary purpose of these groups is to supplement and/or augment the District’s educational programs.
  • Class C - District non-profit civic, recreational and church groups.
  • Class D - Private individual/groups and commercial uses.

Whenever the use of a facility is granted without charge for a Class B, C or D rental, the organization or individual shall still be responsible for costs of operation and insurance requirements, and may be assessed a usage surcharge fee. For a determination as to your organization's "class," contact Mrs. Lori Boggs, maintenance administrative assistant, at (724) 625-1518, ext. 1505.

: Resident or Non-resident Status is determined by the physical address of the organization will determine residency or non-residency status.

For a complete list of all rental fees, refer to the following policy: 

District Policy 707 Community Use of School Facilities