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Evaluation & Identification Process: Gifted Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation (GMDE)

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, every student being considered for gifted education is evaluated by a school psychologist, which includes the administration of IQ and achievement assessments. All relevant information related to grades, standardized test scores, ability tests, teacher input, and parent/guardian input is also gathered and considered. The IQ and achievement tests require no advance preparation. The assessments are typically administered to students during the regular school day.

The school psychologist prepares a Gifted Written Report that is delivered to the parents/guardians after completing the evaluation. The report includes recommendations about the need for gifted support. All of the information gathered in the evaluation is used to determine if the student meets the definition of mentally gifted.

If the child meets the criteria for being mentally gifted and demonstrates a need for specially designed instruction, then a Gifted Individual Education Plan (GIEP) meeting will be scheduled. The parents/guardians are formally invited to a meeting with the other team members to create a plan that meets their child's needs. The GIEP team includes a general education teacher, gifted support teacher, a Local Education Agency (LEA) representative, the parents/guardians of the child, and, if desired, the child. The GIEP developed is in effect for one year, at which point additional meetings are scheduled to continue the services for the student.   

For additional information, contact Dr. Travis W. Mineard, Director of Special Education at (724) 625-1518, ext. 1530, or [email protected].