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Mars Area School District

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Coaching Information

It is the philosophy of the Mars Area School District that a competitive athletic program be provided and that the primary goal will be broad participation by as many boys and girls as possible. It is desirable that teams compete on an even basis with other schools, but never at the sacrifice of sportsmanship, academic priority, or general welfare of the school and students.

Coach's Handbook

Any coach in the Mars Area School District is first of all a teacher and secondly a coach. This means that he or she must profess and display all the attributes and personal qualities that the profession demands.

The Mars Area School District Coach's Handbook outlines the requirements and responsibilities for each coaching position with the District's schools. To review the current Coach's Handbook, click on the following:

Coaching Positions
Prior to the start of each sports season, Mars Area School Board, working in conjunction with the Superintendent, the Athletic Director and school administrators, reviews each available coaching position. All coaching positions require the approval of the Board. 
Any available coaching positions will be posted online at  

Volunteer Coaches

Volunteer Coaches work under the direction or supervision of a coach employed by the District; and directly supervise or instruct students engaged in the activity or may, from time to time, have or be reasonably expected to have unsupervised contact with students.

The specific requirements for Volunteer Coaches are outlined in District Policy 916 Volunteers as well as at

Any questions regarding available athletics positions may be directed to the Athletics Office at (724) 625-9380.