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Mars Area School District

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Board-Approved Independent Volunteers

Mars Area School Board must approve all prospective Independent Volunteers before volunteering can begin. 

Note: In order to be included on an upcoming Mars Area School Board meeting agenda for approval, prospective Independent Volunteers must submit are required paperwork to the District's Administration Office by no later than noon on the Wednesday before a Board meeting. (Mars Area School Board typically meets on the first and second Tuesday of each month. Please check the District calendar to verify upcoming Board meeting dates.)
Upon Board approval, Independent Volunteers will be placed on an “Approved Independent Volunteers List” that is provided to the Building Principal. Only approved Independent Volunteers are permitted perform the duties of their position as outlined in District Policy 916 Volunteers or as prescribed by the Building Principal.
The following is a complete list of all Mars Area School Board-Approved Independent Volunteers:
* The above list is updated following each Mars Area School Board meeting.