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Mars Area School District

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Admission to Athletic Events

Spectator attendance at Mars Area School District sporting events may limited by current social distancing guidelines, as established by the Pennsylvania Office of the Governor and the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Information regarding spectators attendance, seating restrictions, and ticket sales for large District sporting events will be communicated directly to students, parents/guardians and the school community

General Admission

The following are the General Admission costs for Mars Area School District sporting events:

Boys Varsity Football                                    Boys & Girls Varsity Basketball
Adults: $6    Students: $3                                Adults: $6     Students: $3

Boys & Girls Varsity Soccer                          Varsity Wrestling
Adults: $5    Students: $3                                 Adults: $5     Students: $3

Girls Varsity Volleyball                                  Boys & Girls Lacrosse
Adults: $5    Students: $3                                 Adults: $5    Students: $3

ALL Junior High Games
Adults: $4    Students: $2

For more information, contact the Athletic Office at (724) 625-9380.