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Schoology Login Issues

NOTICE — STUDENTS MUST LOGIN TO THEIR "STUDENT" ACCOUNTS IN SCHOOLOGY USING THEIR "STUDENT" USERNAME AND PASSWORD via the Schoology Student Login Portal ( Only through their STUDENT accounts, will students have access to lessons and assignments in Schoology


Students who are logged into Schoology via a PARENT account WILL NOT be able to access posted lessons and assignments. Parents who log in to Schoology via the PARENT Login Portal ( will have “view only” access. Access to a STUDENT account is not available via a PARENT account.

For assistance with login issues (usernames, passwords) as well as access to online textbooks, contact Mr. Ryan Morgan, Director of Technology, at (724) 625-1518 or [email protected].

Schoology Login Portals


Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding Schoology login issues:

1. How does a student access classes/courses in Schoology?

Login at with STUDENT credentials

USERNAME: [email protected] (ex. [email protected])

PASSWORD: Capital First Initial, lowercase last initial, 6 digit ID number (ex. Js001234)

2. Where do I find assignments in Schoology for a student in grades K-4?

Each homeroom teacher has posted their LSI assignments in their HOMEROOM course. (If a student is in an accelerated classroom, their Reading or Math assignments would be in the accelerated teacher’s Reading or Math course.) Students in Grades 1-4 also look in each special class course on the day they would have that class. Kindergarten special area information is within their homeroom course. LSI assignments and tasks would be listed under UPDATES or MATERIALS for each day. All work can be completed and submitted through the Schoology portal, or by following the directions the teachers post daily.

3. Where do I find assignments in Schoology for a student in grades 5-6?

Each teacher will post their assignments under their course they teach, such as Reading, Math, Social Studies and Science. (Note: Not all courses for the teacher will be used during LSI  to limit the amount of places a student has to navigate to find assignments.)

4. Where do I find assignments in Schoology for a student in grades 7-12?

Each course will have materials and assignments posted under their specific course of study.

5. If I login with a PARENT Schoology account, what will I have access to?

Parents/guardians may ONLY login at It will allow a "VIEW ONLY" look at your child's work and assignments. You will NOT be able to post or submit assignments for your child under this account. If you have multiple children, you will be able to toggle between their accounts at the top right corner of the screen for an easier view of each child’s courses/groups. You may also be a member of groups to which you have received an invitation with an access code.