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Mars Area School District

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Activity Offers Introduction to Robotics, Engineering

 In their STEAM classes at Mars Area Elementary School, students in Grades 2-4 are exploring basic robotics, interacting with the latest in educational technology, Cubelets.
Cubelets are robot blocks, each of which has a different name and is pre-programmed with a special skill — Action (output) blocks perform tasks, such as move, rotate, light up, etc.; Sense (input) blocks react to light, sound or touch; and Think (brain) blocks perform simple math or logic functions. When combined, the blocks can work together to perform more complex functions, similar to how bees each perform a set task to benefit the hive.
As part of their STEAM lessons, students are working in groups to learn and understand the different functions/skills of each block. The students are also learning about emergent behavior — how the individual functions work together when connected — and how the system functions as a whole.
Through the Cubelets lessons, the students are receiving an early introduction to engineering design, computational thinking, and creative problem-solving skills. For details, visit