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Elementary Schools (K-6) to Introduce Five-Day Rotation

Beginning with the 2017-2018 School Year, the schedule at Mars Area School District’s elementary schools (K-6) will be on a Five-Day Rotation.

To start the school year, the first day of school (Thursday, Aug. 24) will be considered Day One; Day Two will be on Friday, Aug. 25Day Three on Monday, Aug. 28; Day Four on Tuesday, Aug. 29; and, Day Five on Wednesday, Aug. 30. The sequence will then reset back to Day One on Thursday, Aug. 31.

Note: The numbered date may not always fall on the same day of the week. For your convenience as we introduce this new schedule for our elementary students, the numbered days (Day One, Day Two, etc.) have been marked on the individual elementary school calendars on the District's website. (To access each school calendar, visit the appropriate school homepage and click on the "Calendar" section.)  

The change was made in an effort to make sure that all students are able to attend their Special Area classes (art, library/media studies, music, physical education and STEAM) when school is not in session, such as on an In-Service Day, Act 80 Day or Holiday or when school is cancelled because of inclement weather.

Under the previous system, elementary students had Special Area classes on the same day each week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.); so, when school was not in session on those days, the students would not have that class until the following week. (For example, if a student had his/her Special Area class every Monday, and there was an In-Service Day scheduled on that same date, he/she would not have the class again until the next available Monday.)

For more information, call (724) 625-1518.