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Threats at High School Deemed "Non-credible"

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

In light of the “non-credible” threat reported by Mars Area School District earlier this afternoon (Monday, Sept. 16), all evening activities at Mars Area High School have been cancelled, as a precautionary measure.

Note: All District activities occurring at other District buildings and facilities or those taking place outside of the District will continue as planned.

The District previously reported that a Mars Area High School student was identified as the individual who distributed a potentially threatening mass e-mail message to all students (Grades 9-12). Working closely with Adams Township Police Department, District officials have also determined that the same student was responsible for a second threatening message that was written on a boys bathroom wall at the high school. Through their investigation, police officials have deemed both threats to be “non-credible” and the identified student has been turned over to local police to face criminal charges.

The District would, once again, like to remind parents/guardians that any student(s) involved in conduct that interferes with the educational program of the District’s schools or threatens the health and safety of others will face disciplinary action in accordance with District policy. The student will be referred to local law enforcement to face criminal charges, prosecution, and restitution for any costs incurred by local first responders and the District as a result of these threats.

Mars Area School District will not tolerate any threats to the safety and security of our students, faculty and staff members, our schools, or to the District. Such threats not only cause an unnecessary disruption to the school day; but also come with serious consequences that may include expulsion; hefty fines; and even jail time.

The District is sharing this information with the hope that we may dissuade any students from making similar threats. Parents/guardians are encouraged to please talk with your children about the serious consequences that may result from making such threats.

Mars Area School District thanks our local police and other law enforcement personnel for their continued support of the District’s efforts to ensure a safe and secure educational environment for our students, faculty and staff members.

The District would also like to thank our students, parents, and teachers/staff members for their patience and cooperation as we work to resolve this matter.


Dr. Wesley W. Shipley