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Schoology FAQs

The following are Frequently Asked Questions regarding Schoology:

1. How do I obtain a Schoology Parent Account? 
Mars Area School District’s Technology Department will provide parents with login information for Schoology at the start of each school year or when a student enrolls at a District schools. Parents with questions regarding usernames and/or passwords or who have yet to receive Schoology login information may contact Mr. Ryan Morgan at [email protected] or (724) 625-1518.

2. How do I log in to my parent account? 
To log in to a Parent Account, visit the District’s website,, and click on the “Learning Management System” link. Parents may also login to Schoology directly at

Note: When you log into Schoology, you'll land on your account's Home page. This page displays a Recent Activity feed of updates and Upcoming events. This area only displays information pertinent to your account, and does not show any of your child's content.

3. Can I access Schoology via my mobile device(s)?
Schoology offers a mobile application, which is available for download via “GooglePlay” or the “App Store.” (Note: The system requires that parents login at first before using the mobile app.)

4. How do I set up my parent profile? 
Parents may access your personal profile by clicking on your name on the top menu. Other users who click on your name in Schoology will also be taken to your profile. (

5. How do I access my personal account settings? 
Click on the arrow at the top right of the page next to your name and select “Account Settings.” Here, you will be able to set different preferences for your personal interface (e.g. screen name, password, notifications) as well as how your account relates to other users (e.g. student accounts, groups, etc.)

6. Where will I find my child’s information?
You may toggle between your account and your child's account by clicking on the downward-facing arrow on the top right of your Schoology account. Then, select the appropriate child’s name to link to his/her account.

7. My child is an elementary (K-6) student. What information will I find in Schoology?
Your child’s information will ONLY be available as a Group. Teachers will post weekly calendar events as well as academic information regarding what they will be teaching in each subject area. 

8. My child is a secondary (7-12) student. What information will I find in Schoology?
Your child’s information will be available in a Course. You will be able to view the “work flow” between the teacher(s) and your child for each class in which he/she is enrolled. You will also see the calendar linked to the course, your child’s assignments, and your child’s responses to any discussion threads available for the class.