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Mars Area School District

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Admission to Athletic Events/PlanetPass

Online Football Ticket Sales

Tickets for all Mars Area High School Varsity Football Home Games are now available for purchase online at:

Tickets are $3 for students or $6 for adults. (Additional fees may apply.)

Tickets will still be available for purchase at Mars Athletic Complex prior to each game. All tickets sold at the gate are $6. For details, call (724) 625-9380.

General Admission

Boys Varsity Football                                    Boys & Girls Varsity Basketball
Adults: $6    Students: $3                                Adults: $6     Students: $3

Boys & Girls Varsity Soccer                          Varsity Wrestling
Adults: $5    Students: $3                                 Adults: $5     Students: $3

Girls Varsity Volleyball                                  Boys & Girls Lacrosse
Adults: $5    Students: $3                                 Adults: $5    Students: $3

ALL Junior High Games
Adults: $4    Students: $2


Mars Area School District's PlanetPass offers up to 20 admissions to Mars Area-sponsored sporting events. (Note: The Athletic Office does not sell season passes for individual sports.)

The PlanetPass may be used for more than one individual admission per event. (For example, one PlanetPass may be used to admit one person to 20 games or 20 persons to one game.) Passes will be punched upon entry to any event.

Cost per PlanetPass is $100 for adults and $50 for students. (Note: Adult passes may be used by adults only and student passes may be used by students only. Therefore a family may need to purchase one adult pass and one student pass.)

Passes are available for purchase during school hours in the Athletic Office at Mars Area High School or at the ticket booth at Mars Athletic Complex. A PlanetPass may be purchased at any time during the school year and will be valid only in the school year in which it is purchased.

The PlanetPass may only be used at events sponsored by Mars Area School District. Lost or stolen passes will not be replaced or refunded. For more information, contact the Mars Area High School Athletic Office at (724) 625-9380.